Unveiling ALICE V2: Major Milestone Towards the Mainnet

Enhanced Testnet Features for Pion’s Launch

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ALICE V.2 — the Muon Testnet upgraded with Pion features — is up and running, with 1500+ nodes added in just 4 days since its launch. This means V2 is now the largest Testnet ever.

It is our last stop on the journey toward the Pion network, our canary network and first Mainnet, and its token, $PION, that are scheduled to launch on October 18th.

Read on for the details of V2 and what it means for the overall growth and security of the Muon ecosystem.

ALICE V1: Mission Accomplished!

On January 19, the first version of ALICE Testnet was launched as a testing arena for Muon features. Over the last seven months, much has been achieved through ALICE including:

  • Upgrading Muon core with several crucial features including Threshold network, rotating subnets, and Shield Server, …
  • Registering 24,000+ nodes, and enhancing the procedure for adding nodes
  • Implementing uniqueness verification and verifying 4,000+ node operators
  • Successfully deploying several apps & testing and fine-tuning the deployment procedure
  • Launching Muon explorer to publicly display status and metrics of the network; The explorer also made it possible for everyone to actually use the apps to send requests and see the results.
  • Having several feedback loops with our community of node operators and Muon Testers group on Discord

ALICE V2 Keynotes

‏ALICE V2 is intended to test the token functions of Pion network including claiming rewards, buying and staking $ALICE, and creating bonded ALICE NFTs. As all of these are done using the valueless test token, users and operators can gain first-hand experience without worrying about financial risks. Moreover, This will give devs a chance to monitor the functionality of the network and ensure its smooth operation.

Joining V2

The original ALICE network closed on August 23rd. All ALICE node operators as well as MUON pre-salers need to follow the instructions on the ALICE V.2 dashboard to claim their node-drop and set up new nodes. This includes connecting their wallets, claiming the rewards, creating bonALICE NFTs and adding nodes to the network.

Those wishing to run new nodes need to buy bonALICE and stake it. People eligible for a fraction of the node-drop also need to buy enough bonALICE to run a node, that is 10,000 $ALICE.

Remember that whether you have claimed or bought bonALICE to join V2, you need to re-verify your uniqueness.

Go on and set up your ALICE V2 nodes using our step-by-step guide.

Important Reminder: After you have joined ALICE V2, don’t forget to back it up, and also register it with V2 Discord bot.

Pioneer network is currently going through the last stages of its audits and ALICE V2 is the last stepping stone before its launch.

Muon Network

Muon is a stateless decentralized oracle network (DON) that enables dApps to make their off-chain components decentralized. By incorporating Muon, the manner in which decentralized applications store, process, and access data will be fundamentally transformed, redefining the landscape of decentralized systems.

Run an ALICE V2 node.

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