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MURAL’s Adventure in the Collaborative Frontiers of XR

In June of 2022, MURAL set off on an adventure in creating virtual worlds of collaboration, connection, and creativity in the Horizon Worlds platform with a 2-week public collaborative “games for work” jam.

Dipping a toe into the rapids

Scenes from Summer
Scenes from Autumn

The Problem of Presence; and an solution

Read more about Collaborative Intelligence here:
Spatial audio, visual cues, and environment make for natural, organic clustering.
The shuttle we built to take you to the surface, and the team platforms for self organization.

Active Learning in the Collaboration Enrichment Center

Planning what a great training center would need.
The Collaboration Enrichment Center
Learning the tools and techniques one skill at a time in the CEC.

The Main Event Kickoff

Our 2D pre-event interview with Don Carson
Don’s Museum of Environmental Storytelling

Self-organization, teams, and tools

Red Team’s collaboration board!
Blue Team’s collaboration board!

Placemaking and a Fireside Asteroid

The Fireside Asteroid Ranch

Virtual worlds, real experiences, intelligent collaboration

Watch the Red Team’s Spaceship Adventure play out!
Blue Team created a collaborative escape-room compound!
The planet crashed into the compound!

What we learned, what went well, what didn’t

Special Thanks

  • Our friends at Meta—James and Ben—who helped support and coordinate the event and facilitate between the two companies.
  • Matthieu Sabourin — Helped coordinate the event, manage the calendars, schedule the program. Thank you Matthieu!
  • Paul Tomlinson — Helped design the worlds, program the shuttle, teach a scripting class to the attendees, and just overall make things look and feel so much better!
  • Don Carson — For inspiring us, offering his advice and wisdom, and helping us reach for new heights in environmental storytelling!
  • Wafflecopters — For giving us advice and inspiration about scripting, gamification, and Horizon Worlds
  • All the other MURALISTAS at MURAL who helped test, plan, and coordinate the event, thank you again!
What is real? Is real just the collaboration and connection we make together?



A look into the world of XR at MURAL, experiments in presence technology, immersion, and collaborative intelligence in the metaverse.

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