Album Review: Frogg Party’s ‘Scandals and Animals’

Go cat go!

Frogg Party’s Scandals and Animals is post-punk with spunk (description creds to Eli). The band — composed of members (nicknamed) Trash Mouf, Pig Vomit, Spaghetti, and Roundhouse Kick Katebian — does a mix of energetic vocals with heavy instruments, perfect for wanting to mosh and dance to at the same time. One of my favorite tracks is “Dirty Double Crossing Lama,” not just because of the great name, but also it’s a great model of what Frogg Party does best: it starts off fun with a grungy riff and lively melody, until it gets to the bridge where a great bass line introduces a heavy buildup that you can’t help but imagine would ignite a mosh pit. Another notable track is “Wonton Wallaby,” where the group takes a break from their driving instruments, accompanied with Spanish vocals that fit very well with the feel of the song.

Overall, if you’re looking for a band with pounding drums and guitars that you can still dance to, you should definitely check these guys out.

Peep the album here

— Nick Sullivan

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