This Story Made Me $43.68 Before I Even Finished Writing It

How you can do the same, and be part of transforming the world in the process

Jesse J Rogers
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3 min readNov 20, 2020
Cryptocurrency coins listed from a Coinbase account
Screenshot of the author’s account summary

One of Warren Buffett’s famous pieces of advice is to only invest in what you know.

But in a world where everything changes so rapidly, how can you get to know something well enough to be willing to make an investment?

You can pay for expensive courses. But isn’t it better to get paid to learn?

On one level, it sounds too good to be true. But I’ve done it.

I’m still nowhere near an expert but last night I got paid $43.68 just to learn a little about cryptocurrencies.

It was worth it to check my email!

A screenshot of an email from coinbase
Email from coinbase

I have an account with coinbase, where I’ve dabbled a little bit by buying Etherium and Bitcoin (later moved Bitcoin to another account). All the other coins listed in my account above, like Algorand, Zcash, etc…are from this giveaway.

The videos were extremely short, only 1 or 2 minutes, and they give you $1–3 worth of currency depending on the offer.

That is orders of magnitude more generous than normal. There are platforms like Swagbucks which give payouts to viewers in exchange for watching ads, but the incentives are usually tiny. There, you’re trading hours for pennies.

The generosity of coinbase makes sense though. The thing that gives any currency value is its ability to be used for exchange. A thing is only valuable if someone else will trade for it. And people are more likely to regard something as valuable when we have skin in the game. I care about the value of dollars because I have them in my wallet. I don’t really care that much about Yuan or Euros, because I don’t use them. Coinbase and its affiliates are trying to put these coins into our wallets so that we will care about those coins.

And it worked.

I’m going to be buying a lot more crypto. Mostly Etherium because I think it has the right…