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3 min readApr 26, 2022


Today we would like to share what we’ve been working on and a rough plan for the rest of Q2!

Hiring 2 full-time core team members

In the past few months, the DAO has officially hired Jules and Virus as full-time core developers. We are looking forward to adding a few more people to the communications and marketing side once we decide more about our long- term plan and vision.

NFT Indexer and backend

In the past ~4 months we invested most of our time developing the NFT indexer, you can use the API for free here

The indexer has been a huge engineering learning curve for us, there are teams that have 10 engineers and raised millions of dollars to create similar tech but didn’t manage to figure it out yet. We learned and grew a lot while developing the indexer.

We still have some minor bugs to fix, but our current API features:

  1. Indexes all Ethereum Mainnet and Arbitrum NFT transfers live
  2. Indexes all NFTs metadata
  3. Indexes all Opensea, Looksrare, Zora, and 0x protocol sales
  4. Provides trading data and statistics from all marketplaces

With this powerful API developers can build any NFT application they wish. We have already been working on a price monitoring website using our API that will be released soon.

In the near future, we’ll clean the Github repository and open source the indexer code for others to be able to contribute openly and make it better

During Q2 we’ll work on the documentation and guides to start reaching out to other projects and developers. — NFT Marketplace

Our goal with Pepesea was to open source an NFT Marketplace frontend powered by our indexer, so anybody can use and fork and thus democratize NFT trading.

With the help of Virus we developed (currently in alpha) — it is a full featured NFT marketplace built on top of the Zora protocol smart contracts, it will start with 0 fees and all order books are on chain.

In the coming months we will clean and document the Github repository and open source the marketplace for anyone to be able to create their own marketplace or improve it.

The Cudl Game

New cudl game features were put on hold while we developed the indexer but we expect this to change during Q2.

We’ve been thinking a lot about the game we want to create and its meaning. We are not so excited about “farming/ponzis” style games but we are looking forward to turn cudl into a more fun calm game to play. We don’t want to share too much as then we get bombarded with “wen” but expect exciting updates during this Q2.


NFT20 was the first ever NFT AMM and liquidity protocol, we learned a lot from it but ultimately the protocol which was developed originally in 2020 is very inefficient for current NFT trading and we feel there are better NFT AMMs solutions to be created, we will keep maintaining NFT20 while we think how we can tackle the NFT liquidity problem better.

The MUSE Token

A few community members seem to be unhappy about “token marketing” or “when can you pamp my bags so I exit”.

We feel the need to reiterate what we’ve been saying since the beginning (for 20 months now )— MUSE is a coordination mechanism to manage the DAO and all of MUSE’s supply was airdropped via a game.

Without any substantial value being created first, we don’t feel it’s our place to try to “market” a token to pamp its price artificially or to include it in products unless it’s necessary.

We swim through this tough industry to try and develop products that will help it, once we find product market fit with one of the products we explore. Earnings and monetary value appreciation will happen.

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