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Cultivating Creativity Through Shadow Work, Part 1: The Descent

Finding the core of your creativity as you prepare for and descend into your Shadow Self, the first stage of the journey of self-discovery.

Photo by Artie Vincent on Unsplash

I didn’t always consider myself an artist. I kept my artistic soul caged in the deepest, darkest hole of my Shadow self. The Shadow Self is a part of you that holds your fears, your shame, your guilt and regrets. It’s…



Muse Me is a celebration of femininity, sensuality, nature and creativity! Its a platform for all stories about being Woman, and for explorations of creative passion. We are thrilled by the cycles of nature and womanhood, and love writing poems and stories of our divine essence.

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Amanda Wilson

Amanda Wilson is a published author, content writer, & virtual assistant specializing in writing, copy editing, & proofreading services.