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Journeying Through My Creative Nature

A celebration, a reflection and an invocation

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The end is also the beginning. For me, this year is ending on a creative note, and it feels yummy to feel into and experience this.

A Celebration

I started a project on the 1st of December which has the exact same title as this essay. My intention was to share the wealth of creative magic that was birthed into existence through me — offerings that I have accumulated over the year. This included short songs/mantras, humming sessions and jam sessions on my kalimba.

Inspiration got the best of me, and the idea came to life — what better way to end the year than to share my creative journey, I thought to myself. And so I began.

Since I deleted my facebook account, I had only one other option to broadcast this with others — telegram. Of course I could have shared on here too, but it was more enticing to share with friends and acquaintances. Now I’m moving out of my comfort zone, dishing out my intimate world with people I’ve never met. Choosing to write on medium was one leap; this feels like another. You can find my offerings and follow my page on telegram through this link:

Join me in celebrating this beautiful journey of creativity that has unfolded through music.

Short Songs/Mantras
I wouldn’t call myself a song writer, though I did — and still do — enjoy the process of creating short songs. As I explain in some of the posts, these songs usually come to me when I’m out walking in the forest. I had a tendency to leave my phone at home during my walks. However, this changed when I experienced different melodies popping up in my head. I couldn’t always remember them when I got home, so I began taking my phone with me — to capture inspiration in action!

Some of the recordings were actually kept in their original state (especially those I’ve titled car sessions). The rest were recorded anew and saved.

There are a few recordings where I hum various melodies from ether. They haven’t been transformed into something else, and so for now they remain as melodies that I listen to on occasion. I don’t always remember the process of how these particular melodies came into being, but — like the songs — I’ve usually hummed them during my nature walks.

Kalimba Sessions
I’ve always wanted to play the piano, but I’ve never had the patience to learn notes. The next-best-thing, in my opinion, was getting an instrument I could play easily — the kalimba was my best bet. When I play, I just listen to what sounds good and eventually a melody is birthed through that process. I absolutely enjoy the feeling I get when I play for hours and finally hit notes that resonate well together. The creation of a melody is just so fulfilling. The more I play, the eager I become.

As much as I enjoy the mystery, I decided to teach myself some children’s songs too, without reading the notes. That was a fun process, and these songs are available to listen to already on telegram.

A Reflection

Lately, a desire to learn how to play the guitar has slowly been taking root. This has led me to reflect on my very first encounter with this instrument. I was a teenager, and my mother’s boyfriend had encouraged and paid for me to take guitar lessons. I took them a couple of times, only to quit as I didn’t find it very enjoyable. There might have been other reasons too that I’m currently not aware of.

A few weeks ago I visited a friend of mine, who taught me how to play a couple of notes on the guitar. As I made an attempt to play, I was surprised by how thrilling that whole experience was for me. It left me yearning for more.

When I told my soul sister about my desire to learn how to play, she and her husband lent me a guitar that had been collecting dust for some time — initially bought for their son. And so I am now re-acquainting myself with the guitar, hoping to expand my skills in 2022! Super excited for this new endeavour and keen to see how it all unfolds.

An Invocation

Ending the year on a creative note feels so fitting on many levels. My creative essence has really been rising more and more this past year, and I feel that ending the year in celebration of creativity is also a way of invoking more of it into the next year. How we end is also how we begin, so I choose to end the year by calling in more of my creative nature — though it’s really more about letting ones creativity come out as it already exists within us. We just have to get in touch with that aspect of our nature.

So, my desire is to continue flourishing and expressing more of my core essence — whether it be through music, writing or any other form my essence desires to express through.

Being and doing creative projects is fun and so fulfilling; therefore I urge every soul reading this to dive into those creative projects that you’ve been putting on hold. You don’t need to spend hours upon hours. If you dedicate a few minutes a day or a week to nurture this aspect of your being, you will experience the richness of your essence. All it takes is one step in that direction. One choice.

Say yes to your creative nature.

Say yes to yourself.

Much love.



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