Ganges’ Edge

A Fisherman’s Poem

Yusuf Ali
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Upon the Ganges’ edge,
A fisherman’s predicament,
He casts a throw net
No loss of hope and an undying testament.

He hasn’t made even one catch,
The sun is about to set.
But the young man keeps trying,
Even if the light in the sky is dying.

He keeps throwing the net,
With all the energy he has left.
But he every time he pulls out,
Sadly, each is nothing but an empty catch.

No sign of flapping,
When the net pulls out,
Yet still, he casts relentlessly and scouts.

With a father’s obligation,
he holds the grip,
Just one catch,
One Ilish would end the hardship.

The obligations must be fulfilled,
For those waiting at home for a meal.

I grew up in Bangladesh, where fishing using throw nets is prevalent. Fishing is a significant part of agriculture in Bangladesh, which is known as the land of rivers and has a diverse range of fish.

Many fishermen rely on daily wages from the fish they catch and sell, as they do not have permanent jobs. However, sometimes, they face unfortunate days when they cannot catch any fish. This poem portrays the struggles of a fisherman, a father, and a husband. He has spent an entire day fishing without luck, and the poem describes hope and undying will during this difficult time.

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