Media Crafting: Tara Rodgers’ Collection of Mini Fibre Arts Audio Gear

Composer, writer, and educator Tara Rodgers speaks with The Museum of Portable Sound about being an historian of synthesised sound, plus how her work in feminist media studies and the history of sound technologies led to a collection of crocheted and cross-stitched replica sound equipment

John Kannenberg
Jul 7, 2017 · 9 min read
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I find archival research almost magical in the sense that through proximity to artifacts and material culture you can gain access to knowledge and practices and kindred spirits that have come before, and it is a challenge to piece those narratives and lines of influence together.

We might say that homemade fiber arts are one stop in the complex social lives of old technologies; like, the material remains eventually get tossed away with the trash, but the idealized form may get preserved in embroidery and hung on somebody’s wall.

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I honestly haven’t thought of this collection as something that anyone else (other than fellow audio and media history nerds) would be interested in. I would be open to having them shown publicly, although my mantel would be sadly bare!

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Sound Beyond Music

The Museum of Portable Sound Magazine

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