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The Bad Ideas of 2018

I write down 10 ideas a day. I’m pretty sure I picked it up from a techno-guru-productivity-bro, and it’s become a valuable habit.

The ideas can be anything: movies, businesses, premises for cults; whatever it takes to get to ten. I treat them like some artists treat “Morning Pages;” a practice to grease the gears and get generating without judgement. Of course, every once and a while, I judge one of them be AMAZING and it becomes a seed of something new.

But the majority don’t. Most don’t even make total sense. And that’s okay. Because the best way to have good ideas is to have more bad ideas.

Here’s a selection of 2018’s idea scratch:

[Movie] Bubble Boy but the whole world. EVERYONE must be in a bubble. The wealthiest can pay to get out

[Story] Ruler company with imprecise people

[Business] Robot baby sitting

[APP] EQ: An alternative to HQ programmed at the same time, but things that are interesting, stimulating, or uplifting.

[Business] Desk turn over service. Someone tidies your desk and gives you a 10 minute massage.

[Game] Extreme Tic Tac Toe

[Business] Chipotle for toys

[App] Bite Counter: tells you how many bites you can have of a delicious item to maintain a certain weight

[Business] On demand conflict resolution over Skype

[Movie] Meatloaf biopic

[Idea] Talking animals in the apocolypse

[Fan Fiction] Barron Trump and Melania as though they’re in their own little world

[Bit] Big foot pissed about the rise of fake news

[Title] Mehn : meh men

[musical] Sapiens: The Musical

[Viral] See how many people will give me one bitcoin just for asking

[App] Shazam for bugs

[Podcast] Podcast satirizing Gimlet podcasts

[Business] Squarespace for contracts

[Website] Inside Baseball — site for inside baseball across disciplines

[Story] Mice at a testing facility. Their point of view. How disruptive all the experiments are to their life.

[Product] A two part phone for people who need to have two phones

[Product] Beautiful and cool oxygen tank container

[Product] Kanye bidet. A bidet that talks to you. Celebrity skins like GPS navigation

[viral] cleaning videos are the new unboxing?

[title] The Fat Unicorn

[tv] Said No One Ever

show that explore things that never happen.

[tv] Doctors with borders- show about fragile doctors

[product] Water pods — a slurp of water to goEnough to swallow a pill

[podcast] Gyro’s Journey… This is just a bad pun to make a show around.

[podcast] The Olivias… interviews with people named Olivia



The Museum of Almosts is a celebration of things that don’t quite work.

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Jeremy Redleaf

Jeremy Redleaf

Filmmaker and Entrepeneur. Co-founder of Caveday