12 Qualities of a Renegade Musician

These will set you apart

This post is part of The Renegade Musician Series.

A Renegade Musician is a new kind of artist. That means she possesses qualities most do not.

Here are the key qualities a Renegade Musician exhibits:

Growth Oriented: You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t growth oriented, so give yourself a pat on the back. A Renegade Musician knows to invest in herself. She recognizes that personal development is her customized map to avoiding the inevitable landmines on the battlefields ahead.

Critical Thinker: Renegade Musicians question everything — politicians, the mainstream media, their parents, their teachers, themselves, even this post. If it doesn’t make sense, they discard it. They’re not going to rush into decisions without having done their due diligence, and they know what due diligence means.

Resiliency: Renegade Musicians wear their struggles like a badge of honor. They don’t give up easily. They keep pounding on the doors they’ve been waiting to open when everyone around them has long since given up hope. Renegade Musicians don’t use hope as a strategy.

Good Financial Sense: Renegade Musicians know when to save, and when to spend lavishly. Their financial acumen is hard gotten because they don’t fear experimentation or losing money. If it means they’ll be better off in the long run, they don’t mind taking risks.

People Skills: In every strategy, people come first, not tactics. Who do you need to connect with? Who can help you? Who can introduce you to an investor? Long, hard roads of grinding can be circumvented with a single connection. By contrast, posting to social media and waiting for a miracle could prolong the pain. Renegade Musicians knows this, so they develop their people skills and extend a friendly hand to everyone they meet.

Entrepreneurial: Author James Altucher says “An artist must also be an entrepreneur. That’s it. Those ARE your choices.” Renegade Musicians don’t wait for permission. They don’t wait to for someone to discover them. They choose themselves.

Problem Solving: Renegade Musicians can see that there is a way other than the road everyone else is taking. Good “renegade instinct” is forsaking the majority and following your own path. Question everything. There are other ways of achieving your goals, and they may even be faster. The “other ways” may be the only way.

Shrewd: Saving money is savvy. Earning an income is shrewd. Shrewdness is a more desired quality. A Renegade Musician understands how to manipulate her circumstances to achieve desired outcomes. She understands that she’s not the only one that wants things — others want things too, and she knows that helping others get what they want can help her get what she wants also.

Skilled Marketer: A Renegade Musician is willing to develop herself into a skilled marketer. She understands that no one will ever be as invested as she is in her own music career. She knows that she is the most qualified person to invent creative marketing strategies to propel her music forward.

Leadership: A Renegade Musician steps up where others take a seat. They’re proactive in developing connections, setting up co-writes, partnering with companies. They don’t wait around for things to happen. They are leaders in their communities, just as they are leaders in their lives and their careers. They take responsibility.

Contribution: Renegade Musicians understand that where education, religion, and politics have failed, they will succeed. Artists (specifically entrepreneurial artists) will change the world, and the way to change the world is to be a contribution, an individual of esteemed value.

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Originally published at https://musicentrepreneurhq.com on September 29, 2022.



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