4 Ways to Connect with More People Online for Musicians

The best way to connect with people is in person.

The next best way is by phone.

But it’s no mystery that these methods are time-consuming. If you connected with people one by one, it would severely limit the number of people you could reach on any given day.

Sending emails, on the other hand, is quick and easy to do. You can reach a lot more people in a shorter amount of time.

There are many ways to connect with people online. Here are a few that have worked for me.

1. Comment on Blogs

Commenting on blogs? Who does that anymore!?

And I say that’s probably a good reason to be doing it.

Now, I’m not suggesting you comment on random blogs. You need to be strategic and seek out the people you wish to connect with.

One comment may not do much. But if you keep at it, you should be able to connect with the blog owner. If you show up often enough, they will notice you.

By the way, please leave quality comments. Don’t just say “hi”, “good post”, or “check out my stuff”. Put some time and effort into this or it will not work.

2. Comment on Social Media Posts

When I first started working with TuneCity, I began commenting on other people’s social media posts, particularly on Google+.

Google+ turned out to be a great place for this, because if you took the time to comment on people’s posts, you’d generally get noticed. On other popular social networks, I may have gotten lost in the noise.

I’m still astounded by what came out of that. I can trace a direct line between the effort I put into connecting with other industry people and the network I have today.

Again, as with commenting on blogs, you want to leave quality, relevant comments on other people’s posts. Stay on topic. If you have something of value to share, you’ll make some great connections this way.

3. Reach Out on Twitter

Believe it or not, I’ve booked some podcast interviews using Twitter. That’s how powerful a tool it is.

You can find just about anyone on Twitter, and if they’re active, they should respond to your messages.

With direct messages, you can send more than 140 characters worth of text, so that can be a good strategy.

But a lot of people also ignore their direct messages. So, you may want to use the @mention function instead, and connect with them using multiple tweets.

Again, don’t be a pest and don’t just be in it for yourself. Ask questions. Be polite. Build a relationship first, and pitch later.

4. Send an Email

I don’t know too many people who are in love with email, but it’s still one of the best ways to reach many of them.

With a bit of digging, you can usually find people’s email addresses without much effort. It could be on their website or blog, or a quick Google search might turn it up.

If you’re having trouble finding their email address, you could also try using a tool like Hunter to locate it.

Again, be polite and courteous with the people you reach out to. Personalize your messages, and be upfront with your requests. Get to the point. Leave the details until later.

You’d be surprised by how often you get a response if you’re persistent and don’t give up.

Bonus: Listen to This Podcast Episode

In April, I published a podcast episode titled 3 Simple Low-Cost Online Strategies for Increasing Your Brand Visibility & Creating New Connections.

I would recommend listening to this episode if you’re serious about creating new connections using the internet.

Final Thoughts

If you apply the above four strategies consistently, you’re bound to make more connections online.

These methods can even work for introverted people, because you get to do all of it behind a computer. But please don’t use that an excuse to be sloppy or mean with your communication.

Additionally, try to be regular with the people you connect with. I find this to be a challenge myself, so I need to take a dose of my own medicine, but do what you must do to make it happen. Set reminders in your calendar or on your phone.

P.S. Did you get something from this? There will be more great information like this in my forthcoming course, Music Domination Formula. Click here to start your pre-order.



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