The Independent Music Career Cake



First, we have principles. A principle is a truth you can fall back on no matter the circumstance. Whether in easy or dark times, a principle is reliable. As Renegade Musicians, we must be guided by principles first and foremost. In everything we do, we want our actions to be dictated by accurate thinking.


The next layer is experience. Experience isn’t always as dependable as principles. But one can inform the other. All things being equal, experience is more reliable than hearsay or opinion. We can test things for ourselves to determine whether they work for us. It’s far better than trusting something we heard secondhand from a friend who saw it on television last week.


Next up the ladder is branding. Branding is your reason for existing, your purpose, the difference you want to make in the world. It’s a little speculative, though, given that your branding can attract a fan base never intended.


Next up is marketing strategy, and as you know by now, marketing is your business. But your marketing must be anchored by principles with a complete bias towards what works. That also means you must be willing to discard the ineffectual, no matter how much of a pet project or “baby” it becomes.


Finally, we have tactics. We started out this post by talking about tactics. TikTok is not a principle. It’s not even a marketing strategy. It’s a tactic. It will make sense for some artists and bands to take advantage of it, because their audience is on TikTok — they enjoy new music, and actively visit Spotify and other platforms to check out new artists. That will not be everyone, and not every artist or band will benefit from a presence on TikTok.



Music is creative, fun and fulfilling. But it’s also one of the most challenging businesses to succeed in. This is publication, you will find everything you need to scale your individual mountain in the music business.

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