Flirting With Disaster are Flirting with the Big time

Credit: Flirting with Disaster

This story was originally published on 09/07/2015

I’m not going to waste time with introductions because you all probably know Chazz.

He fronted The Rabble for years, played some sick overseas shows, and now he’s got himself a little piece of disaster to flirt with.

“All those years in The Rabble gives me experience under my belt that you cannot get any other way than doing the hard yards.” Chazz tells me over email. “It gives me all the experience to get things down professionally, but at the same time, having fun with it as I don’t expect to take over the world.”

He says that but Flirting With Disaster are the kind of band you could drop on Warped Tour and make famous overnight. Years of slogging have brought Chazz to a point, creatively, where he’s in control.

“The most important thing for me is being honest and not just following the latest trends. Nothing comes close to the feeling of being on stage with people shouting your words back to you.”

But before there’s words, there’s nothing but complete gibberish, unordered mouth nosies that come with some jammed out guitar. It may sound strange — and it does to Chazz as well — but he writes like Tim Mclarth (Rise Against).

“Over time it slowly starts to form words and sentences that make sense. I don’t often even realise what I’ve written until I go to record the song and listen back and think, Wow, okay…Now I know what this song is about.’”

‘What I’ve Become’ was co written with Ivy Lies (I can’t stop picturing someone trying to desperately translate a nonsensical stream of gibberish) and one of those few moments where feeling dictates everything that needs to be said.

“I think we were both going through similar emotions without realising it. When it came to singing this song, about two years after writing it, we both looked at each other and said, ’Shit, we were going through some dark stuff stuff at this time!’.”

He laughs. Y’know, one of those email laughs, a ‘haha’, a virtual chuckle but not a bursting forth of uncontrollable laughter. And just like that, the question ends and the subject changes but his typed black words won’t show you the difference.

“Music, to me, has always been a great release. I always write about things that are personal to me or have effected me in some way or another. If it doesn’t mean anything to me, how is going to sound convincing when I sing about it?”

No matter how convincing something might sound, Chazz is all about how it sounds at the time. Some thing, perhaps, we as fans don’t always think about: bands play the same songs for years, can they really love all of them?

“I never know!” he confesses, the type still as emotionless as ever, “I may listen to this record in one year and think, ‘what a pile of shite’. But usually the only times I’ve thought that is when I was trying too hard to do something that wasn’t me.

“If I remain honest with my music I remain happy with it. I was feeling nostalgic listening to old Rabble songs and was actually really happy with what we put together, so hopefully this will be the same in five to ten years time.”

As far as people go, Chazz is pretty understated about his own talent. Maybe it’s kiwi thing, maybe it’s just him, but if what he’s given us has given him the chance to share the stage with Yellowcard and Mayday Parade, I fucking hope he keeps slamming his guitar and talking gibberish!



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