Mussing Musicals….

Aug 27, 2013 · 2 min read

If music be the food of life, go on, grab it, greed it, greet it, gain it, gear it, gift it, and game with it.

said a great music lover ( me ;) Enjoying a quiet night with some music is a God given gift. That too accompanied with a good pair of headphones, sounds up, its heaven raining into the ears. If tomorrow is a holiday, then the music becomes more sweeter like life.

Here is one such moment, where I am into my grandest ever playlist. What makes a song good, is the line of thoughts that is going to follow.Music composed is basically the topper in the list to enjoy the song. As it occupies the whole of the song, and its everything. Music is like the Body to the song, inside which everything is neatly laid onto amusement.

Lyrics is the Backbone of the music, be it whatever : love, life, loneliness, laughter, lust, lame…. anything is conveyable in the form of words. Word minting is an art that we can cherish. Some lyrics have the magicness of engulfying us with the subtle emotional state of our mind.

Voices add the colours and flavours to the musical body. The feel shown in lifts our spirits into the realm of the situational world. Mostly we hear digitally modified enhanced voices these days. But no harm done, its all done for our pleasurable enjoyments

Best part of the hearing the song is when you have heard it a million times before, know its line by-heart, beat-by-beat you can predict the minute musicals in the song that is running on and your heart sings its without moving your lip…. divine it is <3

Music is a relative theory, perception decides its beauty. Music is a form of maths that is sweet to so many. As I am writing this, there are clouds outside thundering with its music, assenting my thoughts. Lets call it a day : Anything that is pleasant to feel and hear* is GOOD MUSIC. Peace and Pleasure are the Prize of MUSIC.


*Conditions apply as it varies from person to person, mood to mood, moon to moon n month to month

MUSIC is Life

Reflect, Realize and Reshare your musical experiences and joys with the world


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    உங்களுள் ஒருவன். உங்களை போல் ஒருவன்!!! தொடர்புக்கு நாற்சந்திக்கு ( வாருங்கள் மீதியையும் சொல்லுகிறேன் ;-)

    MUSIC is Life

    Reflect, Realize and Reshare your musical experiences and joys with the world

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