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Being a Musician Is a Waste of Time

Being a Musician is a Waste Of Time

Why would anyone want to get into music? The live events industry is plummeting down the toilet, with the Tories happily defecating on top of it, before flushing the chain without even washing their hands.

Amongst that unsettling image, it has been announced that one-third of professional British musicians are considering giving up their careers due to- you guessed it- COVID. A recent Musician’s Union survey of 2000 people found that 34% are considering packing in music due to financial difficulties and lack of opportunities to perform. On top of that, those in music and the arts industry are not being fully supported by furlough as they’re not seen as ‘vital’ careers.

So why bother becoming a musician?!

The industry is clearly heading for disaster. Live music, recording opportunities and financial triggers are just three elements of music that are all…let’s face it…fucked. However, unlike the title of this article suggests, I don’t actually think that being a musician is a waste of time; I think it’s quite the opposite.

I’ve suggested this before, but there is a high chance that after COVID the music industry will have taken one of the biggest beatings out of all the professions, with musicians squished at the bottom of the pile. Then, undoubtedly, the working class are going to have to pick up the pieces and build the industry up from scratch for the government to then jump back on. But many people don’t initially take to music thinking that it’s going to be a viable career choice. And the government saying that there is no money for upcoming musicians and venues is hardly breaking news. It is just disheartening to feel that your life and your passion isn’t deemed important enough to save.

For example, the chancellor has suggested musicians and others in the arts should look to find new opportunities, as he declined to provide further support for struggling workers during COVID. Then, Rishi Sunak, asked on whether out-of-work creatives should find another job, said: “I can’t pretend that everyone can do exactly the same job that they were doing at the beginning of this crisis.

“That’s why we’ve put a lot of resource into trying to create new opportunities,” he added whilst continuing to rub salt into our already very open and exposed wounds.

But music makes us feel something. Being a musician makes you feel something. You can’t put a price on it or deem it as civilian job. Whether you are paid to do a show, or you are sat in your room playing guitar to no one, you get that same wonderful feeling. For some people, this is all they know.

If another lock down happens and we remove music, dance, art, books and all other art forms, what would MPs spend their time doing? Perhaps breaking the law and driving across the country to test their eyesight? Perhaps travel to Glasgow on public transport after testing positive for COVID? Or break international laws within our Brexit deal? Who knows.

Art and music are the only things that are keeping people sane throughout these incredibly difficult times. We all know depression and anxiety are on the rise since lockdown, but what you might not have known is music improves the general wellbeing of individuals and has been constantly linked to reducing depression levels.

In a nutshell, this simply isn’t good enough from the Government. But then again, throughout COVID, what has been ‘good-enough? By taking away the wonders of music and the next generation who are creating it, the Government are committing a crime against humanity and I don’t think they are prepared for the consequences.

Words by Jasmine Hodge

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