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Can Music Help Draw Attention to the Destruction of Ancient Woodland in the UK by HS2?

By Harriet Lambert, in-house writer

An organisation called We are the People — Save our Ancient Woodland are working alongside musician Lui Krieg to help draw attention to a matter of grave concern within England’s ancient woodland, but can a song really change the way we think? In the wake of a recent arson attack on Whiteleaved Oak, along with the continuing widespread deforestation of ancient UK woodlands, Glastonbury-based rock artist, Lui Krieg joins forces with campaigners We are the People — Save our Ancient Woodland to combat an impending ecological disaster through the healing power of music.

Lui Krieg’s sensational record, Wildwood.

Many may be quick to herald the positive effects of lockdown on the global climate, with viral images of dolphins frolicking in crystalline Venice canals and Twitter memes of dinosaurs returning to the lake district. However, whilst carbon emissions had fallen in the first few weeks of lockdown by 36%, as reported by the Guardian, that number has now halved with the easing of lockdown restrictions, in attempts to reinvigorate the economy and return to some semblance to normality. This stark regression is but one reminder of the resurgence and continuation of environmental damage set to unfold in Britain.

Prevent ancient woodlands from being uprooted.

Alongside plans to spend £1.1 billion on expanding urban infrastructure such as roadworks and housing, HS2, a tax-funded project to build a high speed railway line between London and Birmingham, all the way up to Manchester and Leeds, further illustrates the current UK government’s continuous failure to employ economic growth measures that are synergic with the preservation of existing wildlife. A pitiful Woodland fund of around £5 million in comparison to the projected £106 billion HS2 expenditure, has been set aside for the re-construction of demolished ancient forestry, which negates the importance of existing ecosystems as well as farmland, not to mention the cultural significance for locals, particularly members of the pagan community.

We the People — Save our Ancient Woodland, one of the many organisations in opposition to the HS2 project have teamed up with Lui Krieg to produce a fund-raising record. The new single release, Wildwood, an enchanting blend of guitar and flute melodies set to a meditative woodland soundscape, is now available to download in the link provided for just £1. Each and every penny of goes towards We the People’s efforts to protect ancient forestry. Make your contribution and sink lockdown anxiety with the soothing sounds of nature and human creativity in symbiosis




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