A Girl, the Cow, the Pig, and the Fox

Mleo’s latest music video is ridiculously funny

Mleo’s Audrey Reed, Victor San Pedro, Nick De La O and Elias Vasquez (not in order)

Dating is ridiculous. Or at least for the main character in Mleo’s newest EP and brand new video “Ridiculous.” The video plays like a bad dating story told by one of your best girlfriends. Do you remember that one time you dated that guy who had the nerve to…? Or that one year when you stuck around with you know who? And let’s not forget about the jerk from the coffee shop. We’ve all been there. With a series of bad dates and relationships, after a while, it just becomes ridiculous. The single is fun and familiar and speaks volumes for the band’s personality. With the lead singer, Audrey Reed, and the guitar, bass, and drum leads, Victor San Pedro, Nick De La O, and Elias Vasquez (who each presumably play the cow, pig and fox in this video) this band strikes a pretty close resemblance to the dynamics of No Doubt with Gwen Stefanie and her boys back in the 90s.

The band is Californian in style and spirit, rooted from Sacramento and raised in Los Angeles. Their indie rock style comes from a mixture of influences including hip hop, pop, jazz, and hard rock. Once this band grows in front of a larger audience there’s so much that the group can experiment with. Reed’s voice is incredibly strong and soothing. She sings through her verses with measured precision, good enough for the Met Opera, and edgy enough for a rock band on stage at Coachella.

The group is spunky and fun. The video starts off with the main character sitting at the dining table with her lame boyfriend “the cow” who’s giving her no energy and no emotion. Fast forward to another relationship, the “pig” who has no care or respect for her presence. She throws her hand’s up in frustration, she’s “already out the door”. In a final scene Reed’s character finally gets her Prince Charming, who’s responsible, mature, emotionally there “the fox”…wait, spoke too soon, he just tried to spike her drink.

Any girl would say ‘I give up’ after all of this. As the song says dating is “ridiculous.” But as anyone who’s been there done that knows, dating sucks, until it doesn’t. At the very final scene which runs for no more than 10 seconds, we see the main character standing in a hallway pressed up against a nicely built, strong, masculine, affectionate man. Her bald eagle.

The video is an emotional rollercoaster, but a pleasure to watch. The song is a fun ride and I highly recommend.

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