Bringing Back R&B with Rebecca Jade

Rebecca Jade gives us that familiar rhythm & blues sound in her latest single Weather the Storm

Rebecca Jade

It’s not easy to find a good R&B song that brings you back to what was so great about the genre in the 90’s. R&B has pretty much fallen to dead ears to some extent. There are a few artists who are holding onto the magic that came from R&B in the early 90's, a la the greats of Luther Vandross, Babyface, and Toni Braxton. Rebecca Jade brings back that R&B flavor that’s very hard to find today. In her latest single “Weather the Storm” she brings us back to the old school R&B style with rhythm and lyrical blend reminiscent of over two decades ago. She’s no Whitney Houston, but it would be a far stretch to compare anyone to Whitney. Jade is in control of her vocals, however, and has a voice that’s soulful, pleasant and mature.

Are the lyrics on “Weather the Storm” mind blowing? Not extremely, but she delivers the message and flows through the verses, pacing her vocals. It’s a song about the challenges of any relationship, the challenges of love. It’s classic R&B. What you may not get in lyrical meaning and expressive metaphors, you get in — rhythm and blues, plain and simply.

Coming from the Southern California soils of San Diego, Rebecca grew up in a family of musicians — her mother was a professional jazz singer in Puerto Rico. Musical talent is in her blood, and she has over 24 years of experience under her belt. While we’re only getting a snippet of Jade from “Weather the Storm” she has been performing across many venues in Southern California and has built up a loyal following. Her debut album A Shade of Jade releases on April 2016, and I’m curious to hear what more she has to give us.

It’s artist bravery when he or she chooses not to succumb to what is known to be hip and relevant in today’s sounds. Jade knows what she wants to sing and she sings it with grace and ingenuity. Let’s hear more of it Rebecca Jade!

Check the the track below and you find Rebecca Jade on Facebookat Let us know your thoughts.

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