Oakes & Smith’s Evergreen is Harmonizing and Poetic in Every Verse

Katherine and Robert Oakes: Oakes & Smith
I feel free, I feel free, I feel free

Every single word in every thoughtful verse of Oakes & Smith’s album Evergreen is liberating, poetic, and metaphorical. Katherine and Robert Oakes, the duo that make up the group are each harmonizing in their blend of voice and instrumentals that flutter throughout the album. From a genre perspective, the album is folk. From the perspective of lyrical meaning and deepness found in each verse, the album is bluesy, uplifting and empowering.

There’s much to be deeply analyzed in Evergreen. The duo have created a piece that is tender and amorous. Each lyrical verse has its words chosen carefully. The meaning is poetic. You have to listen hard, open up your mind and release your heart. If you’re a fan of Cat Stevens, then Oakes & Smith will be an album that you’ll embrace.

In a ballad that stands strong to break away from love that’s unfulfilling and incomplete, a song that hits home the most, “The New Year,” reminds us how much warmer and happier it feels to be free. Letting go is the only thing that can set us free. Katherine Oakes sings this ballad from a place deep within her and within us comes a familiar past of when we were once there.

I’m looking back at you and all we meant to do/But nothing good can come from holding onto you.

Other strong songs off the album include “Sitting Beside the Giant” reminding us of the strong force of nature and the universe that we can’t fight. Sometimes when the stars are aligned, love comes together, and its beyond anything that you can control.

Together, Katherine and Robert Oakes create a harmonizing hymn that’s a rare find in any duo.

In the face of forever
Sitting beside a giant
You and I came together
Secure in the shelter
We found in each other

Oakes & Smith released two EP’s in one year, Between the Earth and Sky, is also a notable album to check out if you’re looking for more from these two.

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