BandLab —A Combination of Soundcloud and Instagram| Music Tech Alliance

Digital audio workstations(DAW) like Logic Pro, Reaper and Tracktion are applications used for recording, editing and producing audio files. Most of time we install DAW in our computer and work alone.

However BandLab breaks the rule. It is an online DAW enabling creators to make music with other musicians. You are not alone. It is also a free streaming service to attract listeners.

I feel it is like the music version of Instagram and the advanced version of Soundcloud.

Powerful Online DAW — Mixer Editor

Taking photos is important for Instagram. Like making music is important for BandLab.

BandLab has web and app version which supports you upload and record your tracks from smartphone or computer. It provides many loops and effects to create your music like most of DAW.

For desktop users, you don’t have to download the loops. It saves your computer storage.

BandLab blog is a place to read great posts. Like the post “6 Creative Ways To Use Loops and Samples” , which is a good beginning to learn how to use loops.

“Fork” The Tracks You Like

If you’re a programmer, you are definitely familiar with the functionality of “fork” in Github. In BandLab, “Fork” is an action to copy the track you like and kickstart your own project.

Click the green button to “Fork” a song.

Project Timeline

One more related design about software engineering in BandLab is “Project Timeline”. In your each music project, the “Project Timeline” displays the history of your revisions. Each revision has the description like the message of “git commit” in the field of software engineering.

Discover, Collaborate and Support Musicians

It’s not easy to collaborate with musicians internationally. However BandLab builds up many communities accumulating similar musicians based on a variety of music genre. It’s great to find your collaborators or partners you like.

You can send messages after you follow someone. And remember to follow the musicians you admire because you can just type the usernames with “@” to invite him make music together.

Support Musicians and Activate Your “Tip Jar”

In your profile page, you can activate your “Tip Jar” to make money with your music. The tip jar gives you the ability to receive voluntary payments from fans with an active Stripe account. Stripe is a 3rd party payment provider and available in 23 countries. Please check whether your country in the list.

BandLab don’t take a single cent during the process. Musician keeps 100% after Stripe’s standard payment processing fees.

If you’re a fan, supporting the musician whose music touching you.

“Shout” — Share the Special Moments

In addition to sharing music, taking a photo or a 15-second video to your followers is a feature called “Shout” on BandLab. It’s similar to the “Stories” in Instagram.

Add wording and emojis into your Shout!

Better Social Sharing

The last one point BandLab is better than Soundcloud is the way you share your music to Instagram and YouTube.

Customizing the shape of your image displaying in IG, how many seconds of the music you want to share and what is the starting time of the music.

It’s great to know the awesome music service.