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As long as searching for the song on Youtube, there are many free guitar lessons online. CoachGuitar is a software I recently download, it’s eligible for who loves western pop music for beginners.

For example, you can find 2022’s Best R&B Song of Grammy Awards “Leave The Door Open” or the hot song 2002 created by Anne Marie and Ed Sheeran.

CoachGuitar is found by Boris Douarre in Paris since 2012. According to Linkedin’s profile, CoachGuitar is not a big company, not more than 8 employees. CoachGuitar is available on website, Apple Store and Google Play and Microsoft Store. I want to share my user experience with you as below.

Free Version of CoachGuitar: learn to play a song gradually without music theory

If you don’t want to understand chord progression and music theory in a song, just want to play music on your guitar. CoachGuitar is a good fit for you.

Taking the 2002 made by Anne Marie and Ed Sheeran for example, when you open the lesson, the upper video shows how to play the full song. CoachGuitar separates a song into many parts like verse, pre-chorus, chorus and bridge parts.

At first, I press the “Verse-Complete” text and listen the music, understand what I will play. And then I press the part 1 text, which shows me the slow version with animated fretboard and song tempo. Every video can be auto replayed or slow down to 0.5 speed. It’s helpful to learn efficiently.

Premium Version of CoachGuitar: Practice with backing or tablature

The above way to learn guitar on CoachGuitar is free, but you will see the advertises when you watch different videos.

If you pay US$19.99 monthly or US$119.99 yearly, CoachGuitar provides you 4 key features:

  1. Mute the guitar track of the video, playing along with the backing track. It makes you know what problem you need to revise. You have to play guitar confidently, CoachGuitar provides a good method to practice.
  2. Own each song’s guitar tabs. For advanced guitar player, you can quickly know the chord progression and fret placement by tabs.

3. Unlock he “My Coach” feature. It provides you basic to advanced lessons like playing with a pick or finger style techniques.

4. Download the lessons and learn anywhere.

In my past experience, the CoachGuitar website sometimes crashed 😆 I suggest you download CoachGuitar App to start your guitar journey. In comparison with Yousician I introduced before, CoachGuitar is more suitable for commute time. Playing on acoustic guitar or electric guitar are both great.



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