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Doremir Music Research AB was founded in 2008, based in Stockholm, Sweden. It released ScoreCloud Express app in 2019 and tries to change the way making music by DAW software. This post will introduce ScoreCloud’s business model, product and user feedbacks.

Product Design of ScoreCloud

I think the goal of ScoreCloud is creating digital audio workstation in new era. ScoreCloud Studio is for desktop computer on Windows and Mac system. It is convenient to edit notes and bars like traditional DAW. For mobile users, ScoreCloud Express is the best choice to record your inspiration everywhere on your iPhone or iPad.

If you’re a web developer, the ScoreCloud Embed Player is an embeddable web player for sheet music. It can display and playback sheet music from MusicXML or from PDF/MP3.

Record Your Inspirations Everywhere — ScoreCloud Express App

The specialty of ScoreCloud Studio is integrating into ScoreCloud Express App which lets users record on iPhone easily. Logging in to ScoreCloud Express App and ScoreCloud Studio in the same Facebook or email account, anything you edit on iPhone will synchronize on the computer.

It takes 100 NT dollars to download iOS and iPad version ScoreCloud Express App, now there is no Android version.

After you open ScoreCloud Express App, users can click the recording button in the lower left corner. Click the stop button to analyze the music into sheet music which can be played by piano, flute and guitar.

For those users don’t register, you can listen the public music by ScoreCloud website.

The Feedbacks

The comments on Taiwan App Store can be analyzed what users care about. The ScoreCloud Express only has 1.9-star rating in App Store. Users are mostly unsatisfied with the result of transcription, especially the pitch of note.

Indeed, when you spend $100 buying this app, you will find out the limitation as below:

  1. You can’t detect polyphonic notes at same time. If you want to record piano or guitar,I suggest you play the melody and chord separately or using desktop version which can analyze polyphonic notes.
  2. Please sing a song without lyrics
  3. Slow down and don’t play your melody too fast, maybe tempo 60 to 80 is best.

I think it takes time to improve technologies of analyzing music and software engineering. It’s not easy, but the fallbacks may cause the disappointments from users.

After you record by ScoreCloud Express App, you can edit time signature and tempo and notes. When it is ok, share it to your friends.(right picture)

Business Model

There are three kinds of ScoreCloud memberships, which are Free, Pro and Plus. Plus membership pays $4.99 monthly and Pro membership pays $19.99 monthly.

If you’re a free member, you only can save 10 files in your account and only can record your voice and MIDI instruments, can’t record other instruments like guitar. It requires you become the Plus and Pro members.

The specialty of ScoreCloud is turning the music into sheet music immediately and decreasing the time of editing your sheet music. If you want to try the cool function, I suggest you apply the 10 free days of Pro or Plus and test the transcription function. If you don’t like it, cancel it anytime through your ScoreCloud account.

After my test, I feel ScoreCloud can’t detect my guitar grooving well. I have to adjust the result manually. Please try it yourself even with your friends including many instruments.

There are many skills on ScoreCloud Studio, learn them from the official videos.



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