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Last essay we introduce the features of music player of Soundtrack Business. There still are some features especially designing for business environment. For example, you can install an app to remote and decide the other phone what music will play. It’s very interesting. Let’s move on to see those features.


Have you ever considered a problem about how to play music at the same time in different stores? If you’re a boss with two shops, the problem is important to you.

In the website of soundtrack business, you will find an option of “Locations”, it is the solution to this problem. You can take the locations as shops or places. If you have two shops, just add the second location and enter the information of your shop.

Creating a new location means creating another player you can use individually. But you also have to pay another $34.99 monthly fee for the new location.


The other situation is when your shop is a two-story house. You have to use two players to play music individually in each floor. For the situation, you can add a zone under the location.

Creating a new zone is like creating a new location. Every zone has to be activated by paying the monthly fee.

Paring Code

After you create a new location or a new zone. You will see the screen showing a button of activating subscription and a section of choosing which platform you want to play music. Once you click the “connect” button from the section, you will get the paring code immediately.

Pairing Code is used for activating the player. After you install the player of Soundtrack and open the app at first time. You will be asked for entering the pairing code. It is necessary step to activate your player to play music.

One pairing code only can activate one device. If you want to change your device from one Android phone to another, you can disconnect it and reproduce a new pairing code.

Once you activate the player, you can’t disconnect the pairing code or switch to the other pairing code in app unless you uninstall your app. It is not convenient to switch another device.

Remote Code

As long as you generate the paring code, at the same time, you also generate the remote code for the player.

The remote code is used for the other app of Soundtrack called Remote for Soundtrack which lets you control your player from other device. You can switch the soundtracks or playlist you want to play next and change the volume of player. It’s only available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch now.

Next essay we will talk about some interesting contents in Soundtrack Business.

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