Italian Singer Alessandra Belloni Instructs Novices and Students Alike at NYU’s Percussion Penthouse by Nicole Budoff

This workshop was lead by the famous Alessandra Belloni, it was educational and I benefited from going. It’s always nice to go somewhere new that is outside of your comfort zone. In this workshop I learned about different cultures and societies, I also learned how to play an extremely interesting instrument in less than an hour! I personally have very little (meaning zero) drumming experience going into this workshop, so it was not the easiest for me to catch on to the intricate drumming patterns.

Since the other students seemed to know how to drum and keep a beat, it seemed to be much easier for them, but after a while I believe I just made up my own beat patterns. Alexandria Belloni was a very talented drummer, but I feel like she was a less talented teacher. Her techniques were very super sophisticated and she seemed to definitely know what she was doing. Her interaction with the audience was friendly and made you feel like you were in a safe environment. These aspects are very important in a performer/teacher; this is what helped her to make the workshop enjoyable for her audience.

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