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Etoile Marley Releases New EP “LockItDown”

COVER BY Etoile Marley

Etoile Marley has released her debut EP LockItDown filled with six new songs intertwining her passion for jazzy rhythms, Hip-Hop, and catchy pop songwriting. While the UK lockdown inspired Etoile to put down her thoughts into these passionate songs, we get to hear the end result including

The introductory track “LockItDown” includes uplifting jazzy instrumentals as she discusses the difficulties we’ve endured this year but also building up the strength to stand up for the country with powerful lyrics, “I’m a lover and a fighter/ Not divided, I’m together/ I Break the chains to lockitdown.”

The R&B/Soul single “Cuffing Season” speaks about finding someone to love regardless of how right the relationship is simply because it’s cuffing season. She incorporates catchy melodies, confident lyrics, and enthralling sensual energy that keeps us agreeing with what she says and moving along to the calming vibes.

The following singles “Run 4U” runs on a somber beat with heartbreaking lyrics about running after the important things in life. “8 Billion Faces” slows down the energy for a rundown on the way the 8 billion faces in the country have been affected by the universe’s changes. “Do You (LaLaLa)” includes a French twist showcasing her versatility as an artist.

“Rollercoaster” closes out a passionate and fierce EP breaking down many issues affecting the country at the moment. Each song has incredibly taken into consideration everything happening in the country and her thoughts on the occurrences.

The EP Lock It Down is now available on all streaming platforms!




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