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A Three Hour Evening of Pure Caustic Symphonic Rock Bliss Vibrating My Soul!

AnesthesiA’s Tribute to Metallica’s Music from the Album Kill ’Em All to the Black Album

AnesthesiA Group, accompanied by the Quebec Symphonic Orchestra (Photo: Francine Fallara, 2022)

My tickets were initially purchased in December 2019 for the end of March 2020. Several cancellations and date change later, on March 25th, 2022, I went to my first live concert since fall…




Music Haven — Music counts, speaks and matters — Curving your soul’s arch

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Francine Fallara

Francine Fallara

Passionate, genuine and creative simple girl striving daily to keep my inner rebel warrior alive. Author of ‘Inkling Whispers’, paperback and eBook on Amazon.

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