Carnegie Hall in My Living Room?

Michelle Monet
Oct 25 · 5 min read

Notes from my musical rehearsal today. Friday, October 25.2019

This is my living room recording studio/area.

I’ve been rehearsing music daily again after many years of drought.

I can’t even explain how exciting it is to sit in my living room with slippers on, and cats as the audience — practicing new songs.

Today I started with two 2-hour rehearsals. 10 am to 12. Then 4 to 6.

For my morning session, I turned on the mood lighting, and the ZOOM recording machine. Then I slipped on my new pair of fuzzy bear slippers, strapped my guitar on and sat down on my comfortable blue chair.

My first goal was to get used to being with my music again — withOUT any pressures of performances.

AHHH sweeeet.

Here are the slippers I chose for today’s rehearsal. LOL

Bear slippers. perfect!

The first thing I noticed when I began to sing was how I feel more appreciation for the music now than in the past. I’m so glad I can take my time now and not feel under pressure. I realize how much I really don't work well under pressure. Never have and probably never will. My therapist joked ‘You know you might be allergic to pressure!’

It's hard to put into words how it feels spending time with my musical self. It’s an emotional experience for sure.

Well, I’ve had fears about my music for over 50 years? Now I’m back at it again. I feel brave and ready for it all.


I’m thankful I have the time to do this now and the equipment, space, and willingness .

So, today as I rehearsed I gave myself chills so often when I heard the beautiful sounds coming out of me and my guitar and all the new arrangements I was working on. A few times I even hit that ‘sweet spot.’ DAMN! Musicians, you all know this.

It’s a priceless feeling.

I was almost shaking with excitement although I also felt a bit rusty and a little nervous. It had been months since I’ve spent this much time with the music.

I decided in the morning hours to start with the easier soft simpler songs because my voice needs time to wake up. I thought I could use these first few hours to review some of the guitar chords which don’t require any vocals. (I definitely don’t wanna sound like a croaking frog!!)

I began with some soft lullaby type songs. My cats like those! The combination of the string line orchestrations, violins, and cellos mixed with my guitar sounded so crystal clear in my headphones.

Sooo damn gorgeous.

It was like being in Carnegie Hall…in my own damn living room!

My head was exploding off with all the possibilities of songs I want to sing and record next but I also felt I must take all of this slowwww — like lowering myself down into a pool.

So, instead of rehearsing 7 hours like I did last week (my fingertips were raw and hurting from 7 hours of guitar playing straight!) I decided to take it easier. I stopped after 2 hours to let it all sink in. Then I wrote a bit, did some housework, ate lunch, pet some cats then went back to it again from 4 to 6 PM.

Here are a collection of my slippers I lined up that I will be rehearsing and recording in. Comfort is EVERYTHING!

Next up I decided it was time to teach myself to be my own recording engineer — for many reasons.

  1. It will save me money to do my own recordings.
  2. I will be able to mix my own music any time day or night.
  3. I can mix all the songs the way I want to — the way I feel and hear it.

It might take a while to become proficient at this music mixing tech stuff — (UGH!), but I’m determined to learn and I will do it.

I knew I had to read a few How-To Manuals on how to record myself using this ZOOM 16 recording studio machine. It is an 8 track recording system. I can plug my guitar into one track, background music tracks into one and the other tracks I can use for a lead and backup vocal microphones. It’s a pretty nifty simple but professional way to get great quality sound.

Hey, even I could figure it out — which made me hopeful for the future!

ZOOM 16 Recording system.

I read a bit of the manual.

(Trust me it’s a challenge to me learning about knobs and technical shit. It is NOT my forte. I’d rather spend all of my time in the creative mode but I was proud to have disciplined myself to at least read the manual.)

Yay me!

Then I watched a few YouTube videos on how to do my own engineering and music mixing. I didn’t comprehend a lot of it but I did learn a few basics like how to format the SD card, how to add effects like reverb, echo and other effects to the tracks. I decided to learn this recording engineer stuff in little hunks. My brain can only do a little of that shit per day! LOL.

So, today I rehearsed some of my favorite cover tunes and a few original songs. I plan to continue sharing my progress here on Medium as I go. I’ll know when it’s time to begin the actual recording process. Right now it’s not time. I’m still in the getting used to it phase.

Stay tuned…

My cat sniffing my slipper collection. ‘Hmmm whats this momma??’


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