Here Are the 100 Songs on My List to Record in 2020

Michelle Monet
Dec 1, 2019 · 6 min read

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Yesterday I wrote about my new Musical Bucket List vision to record 100 songs in the year 2020 and how I was planning to combat my perfectionism issues surrounding it.

Here is my tentative list of the 100 songs I’ve been rehearsing. Some are cover tunes, some originals and some are medleys I’ve arranged. I’ve always had fun arranging medleys.

Most of these songs might seem to be older songs (well yea they are because I'm older!) but I'm also open minded about learning and recording new more modern popular songs…or even some rock songs!

I work on about 20 songs a day now — a minimum of 2 hours. No matter what mood I’m in I’ve committed to sit my ass down, plug guitar in and begin to go through my list of songs.

I plan to start the actual recording sessions by January. I’ve first got to master this recording system called the Zoom 16. (EEEK! Reading Manuals — not my favorite thing!)

My nifty Zoom 16 recorder. Worked well for Willie Nelson. It can work well for me!

I know some days I will have unforeseen issues that might hinder the recording process like:

  1. A noisy lawnmower outside.
  2. The neighbors have a loud house party with a live mariachi band.
  3. A police siren or firetruck.
  4. Neighborhood kids yelling outside my house.

5. Throat issues or sneezing fits (Knock on wood! I got my flu shot so I won't have health issues to deal with — most likely!)

6. One of my cats decides to scrape on something or cry or meow incessantly!

— but besides those things hindering me, my goal is to record a minimum of 2 songs a week for one year. YEA!

Heres the initial list of the first 100 SONGS (and medleys)I plan to record in 2020:

COVER TUNES with musical track

  1. I’ll Never Love Again- Lady Gaga
  2. Writings on the Wall (from James Bond)- Sam Smith
  3. Make You Feel My Love-Adele
  4. I’m Still Hurting- Broadway song from musical 5 Years
  5. Mad World- Various
  6. Woman in the Moon- Streisand
  7. Run to You-Whitney Houston
  8. One For My Baby-Frank Sinatra
  9. Don’t Rain on My Parade- Barbra Streisand
  10. Unusual Way- Linda Eder
  11. What are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?-Michel Legrand
  12. A Song for You- Leon Russell
  13. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face- Roberta Flack
  14. New York State of Mind-Billy Joel
  15. I Am Calling You- Celine Dion
  16. Everybody Says Don’t- Barbra Streisand
  17. Only Hope- Mandy Moore
  18. Gravity- Sara Baraillis
  19. Broken Hearted Me- Anne Murray
  20. The Joke- Brandi Carlyle
  21. The Best is Yet to Come- Frank Sinatra
  22. This Time Around- Linda Eder
  23. Big Time- Linda Eder
  24. Whatever Lola Wants- Ella Fitzgerald
  25. The Prayer-David Foster
  26. Grown-up Christmas List-
  27. What a Wonderful World-Louis Armstrong
  28. Aint No Sunshine- Bill Withers
  29. Hello Dolly- Barbra Streisand
  30. Second Hand Rose- Barbra Streisand
  31. I Want More- Linda Eder
  32. Losing My Mind- Stephen Sondheim
  33. Is This Any Way to Fall in Love- Linda Eder
  34. If I Had My Way- Linda Eder
  35. My Heart Belongs to Me- Barbra Streisand
  36. Woman in the Moon- Barbra Streisand
  37. With One More Look at You- Barbra Streisand
  38. Summertime. Classic
  39. Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered- Linda Ronstadt
  40. The Nearness of You — Ella FItzgerald

Cover tunes with guitar

  1. Where Do You Start?-Michel Legrand
  2. Niagra-Marvin Hamlisch
  3. My Boy -Richard Harris
  4. Going Going Gone.
  5. Cry Me a River-Old Standard
  6. Far From the Home I Love- Fiddler on the Roof
  7. My Funny Valentine- Classic Standard
  8. Dance Me to the End of Love — Leonard Cohen
  9. Falling — The Civil Wars
  10. Youll Never Know-Classic Standard
  11. All the Time-Barry Manilow


  1. 70s/80s medley- Almost Over You. How am I Supposed to Live Without You, Without you, Savin all my Love For You, Love Will Lead You Back
  2. Patriotic Medley America the Beautiful and Abraham Martin and John
  3. 60s medley- Beach Boys/Simon Garfunkle/Mamas and Papas/Joni Mitchell. God Only knows, California Dreamin. Scarborough Fair. Sounds of Silence. Both Sides Now. House of the Rising Sun.
  4. Eagles medley. Daisy Jane, Best of My Love, Desperado
  5. 60s movie medley Try to Remember. Where Do I Begin? (Love Story) A Time for Us (Romeo And Juliet)
  6. Jane Oliver Medley. Love This Time, Last Time I felt Like This, Come in From the Rain. To Love Again
  7. Streisand on guitar Medley — People. Happy Days. Evergreen. The Way We Were
  8. Codependent Dysfunctional Relationship Medley. (Humor)Hey Big Spender, Feel Like Makin Love. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?, Nearness of You, Right Here Waiting, You’re So Vain, No One in the World, How Do You Keep the Music Playing?, It’s Too Late, Youre No good
  9. 70s Movie medley. Favorite Things. Alfie, You Must Love Me, Valley of the Dolls
  10. Lara Fabian Medley- Bambina, Je Taime, Broken Vow, Je Suis Malade, Adagio
  11. Linda Eder Medley. Is This Any Way, Big time, I’ll forget You. If I Had My Way
  12. Eva Cassidy Medley -Time After Time, Fields of Gold, What a Wonderful World, Aint No Sunshine
  13. Stephen Sondheim Medley — .As if We Never Said Goodbye. Losin My Mind. I’m Still Here. Send in the Clowns.
  14. 1960s Medley. Shadow of your Smile, Who Can I Turn To?, Moon River
  15. 1940s Standards Medley. My Foolish Heart. I’m Glad There is You. How Deep is the Ocean
  16. James Taylor and Carole King Medley. Fire and Rain. Natural Woman. Tapestry. I Don’t Wanna Be Lonely Tonight.
  17. Hebrew Songs(MUlti Religion medley)Yerushalayim Shel Zahav and Hatikvah with Mary Did You Know (Christmas song)
  18. Streisand Happy song medley. Gee How Lucky Can You Get, I’m the Greatest Star, Happy Days
  19. Broadway Medley. As If We Never Said Goodbye, All I Ask of You, Beauty and Beast, I Know him so well, Evita
  20. Happy Song Medley. On a Wonderful Day. On a Clear Day. Get Happy.
  21. Rainbow Medley. Rainbow Connection.Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I’m Always Chasing Rainbows.
  22. 1970’s TV Show Themes Medley. Mash, Golden Girls, Marty Tyler Moore, Believe it or Not.
  23. Friends Medley. You’ve got a friend, You’ve Got a Friend in me. Thank You For Being a Friend
  24. Bacharac Medley- This Guys in Love, House is Not a Home. One less Bell to Answer.What the World Needs Now
  25. Carpenters Medley. Rainy Days and Mondays, Close to You, I Won’t Last a Day Without You, Superstar, Yesterday Once More, For All We Know
  26. 80s Medley -Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word, That’s the Way I Always Heard it Should Be. Comin Around Again
  27. Fiddler on the Roof. Sunrise Sunset. Sabbath Prayer.
  28. Michel Legrand Medley. The Summer Knows. Summer Me/Winter Me. Loving me, Loving you, Loving me. How Do You Keep the Music Playing?

Original songs

  1. Gotta Go Big. 2020
  2. Thousand Reasons why. Dm
  3. Yesterday Has Come Again- G
  4. I Never Meant to Break Your Heart
  5. God are You Still Listening Gm
  6. Please Come Back to Me
  7. You Came Just in Time.
  8. I’m so glad Your You
  9. Hold a Candle
  10. Love is You
  11. Here’s to Life
  12. First Time
  13. The best of him
  14. Is This the Same Moon?
  15. If Today Was the Last Day?
  16. How many chances?
  17. Its Better To Have Loved
  18. Love Always Wins. Gatlinburg Fire.
  19. My Only Lifetime Wish. Christmas Gift
  20. Feisty Old Broads
  21. Will This Love Last?
  22. Dont take my love and then refuse
  23. The people who moved into our house
  24. Pour the wine
  25. Childs Eyes
  26. Hot!
  27. Hold a Candle
  28. No life Until Coffee
  29. You should be over it by now
  30. Go Home Put yer Makeup On
  31. There’s a World Out There

My ultimate goal is to just record all these songs and then see where it leads. My vision is that I will get more clarity about the Broadway-themed musical I want to write in the process.

Thanks for reading!

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