How to Capture Insights

Even when life seems humdrum, the constant flow of ideas still bring you a multitude of writing prompts. Listening to music is one way to capture insights to writing.


Every song has a title. Every song has a chorus, a message, a thought brought to life by voices and verse. Listening to music enhances your writing. How you ask? Let’s explore ways music works to bring out the creative side of writers.

Music comes in multiple genres for all populations. The potential to listen to a different song every three minutes and never run out of a play list is factual. Even if you listened to a new song all day, everyday, and each song lasted 3 minutes, you’d never finish listening to them all. Why you ask?

According to John Grogan: Because new music is produced every 2 minutes. Powerful or what? So, with the hundreds of billions of songs in existence, Grogan who studied music, states we’d never be able to complete the task.

The good news about not completing the task? Ahh! Listen to this: You have a billions of songs to entice, encourage, and enlarge your writing’s inspiration.

Each event from the moment of impact, is stored for many years in your mind. When the event is connected to a song, from moment of impact, the brain embeds the connection, deep into your memory.

Music brings memory to the forefront.

Jäncke states, “…hearing music is closely associated with strong emotional feelings, and”…“music activates the entire limbic system, which is involved in processing of emotions and in controlling memory” (2008).

How’s that for powerful? Go ahead, thank yourself for loving music!


What music brings to the world is a message with a pattern of beats, rhythms, and tones impacting our emotional brain. When was the last time you heard a song, and felt moved to tears either in sorrow or joy because the song connected to a memory?

Each event from the moment of impact, is stored for many years in your mind. When the event is connected to a song, from moment of impact, the brain embeds the connection, deep into your memory.

According to research, Lutz Jäncke in the Journal of BioMed, states

“Because of its near ubiquity, music has been identified as important in the construction of autobiographical memories and thus for making judgments about oneself and others.” (2008).

Music brings memory to the forefront. Every single intense and powerful emotion, which connects to a memory, retains a part of the impact upon the long-term storage within the brain. As the memory is brought forth, and mixed with new memories around the same emotion, the brain remembers and reminds the neurons of the importance of the details. Each memory revisited, is reinforced.

Music impacts the memory by drawing upon the emotional connection between events experienced while listening to music, activities around music like dancing and singing, and spending time with loved ones and friends.

Photo by Calum MacAulay on Unsplash


Listening to music and feeling the beat and timing of the notes adds to the lyrical impact. Words, without meter become placid and docile. Words put to music, become actively engaging within the foundations of emotion. Music stirs something inside of you as you listen.

Words are set to convey sorrow, celebration, connection, and rejection. Lyrics engage with the senses, impacting how we embrace our family, the world, and food. Lyrics also create a desire to drive trucks in fields, remembering our loved ones who have passed away, or sitting down with a friend, remembering your first dance. Lyrics are set to create a life-like connection to humanity.

Commercials have impact when the catchy tunes wake you up at night, as you hum the song. The lyrics, sometimes, the first word, connected to the music, sends you right into the full version.

The power in the lyrics, is in how we can read the words, hear the music and tones in our minds, and feel the emotions all within moments of turning on a song.

To Sum Up: Listen, Music, Lyrics

Music, listening, and reading lyrics go together like coffee and cream, with a muffin on the side.

Each lyric written is a poem, prose, or thought created to send a message. The music propels the thought and solidifies the connection inside of the brain. From there, those of us who listen to the music connect to the lyrics or beats in the song and build up our memory storage of verse and thought.

In reality, the world is a portal to the writer, dreamer, poet. Even the most dreary day becomes the most inspirational once you step out of the comfort zone of nothingness and reach for the pad of paper and begin writing.

~Just a thought by Pamela

Thank you for reading.

About Me: •♥•Pamela J. Nikodem, MS is a writer and educator working on an internship at Roger’s Behavioral Health, guiding those who struggle with mental health and addictive behaviors. Pamela also works with men, mandated to Domestic Violence education to prevent further victimization of men, women, and children. During her Bachelor’s Degree, she co-wrote and edited a 220+ book on Recovery for a non-profit homeless shelter. •♥•© 2019

Music Voices

Music Haven — Music counts, speaks and matters — Curving your soul’s arch

Pamela J. Nikodem, MS

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Masters Graduate in Psychology, Counseling, Addictions. — Motivational and Relationship Coach — Writer, Reader, Dreamer — Hope Creator. ❤POMpoet❤

Music Voices

Music Haven — Music counts, speaks and matters — Curving your soul’s arch

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