I Miss This Amazing Musical Duo

The musical group The Civil Wars split up years ago but I’m thankful I can still access them online.

Michelle Monet
Nov 7 · 3 min read
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I read this great piece today by Tami Bulmash called Surrender to Your Emotions about songwriter Leonard Cohen.

It brought a tear to my eye because I also miss the great composer Leonard Bernstein!

“To understand Leonard Cohen is to understand the beauty of his sadness. To learn from Leonard Cohen is to honor emotion for what it is. Perhaps this is why his music penetrates the hearts of millions of people across the globe. Cohen consistently delivers unapologetic morose, creating a pathway of healing for those wishing to surrender to emotion as well.”

I immediately thought of this version of Leonards song Dance Me to The End of Love, which is one of my favorite songs of his. The version I love most is from the duo The Civil Wars. Here it is. Sheer gorgeousness!

Ahhhhh just listening to this song makes me feel nostalgic but also grateful as heck that I can always access their music through Youtube.

As I rehearsed music today I realized most of my favorite songs to sing are melancholy and have minor chords. Oh well. That’s what I’m attracted to. Leonard Cohen embraced his sadness. He had to.

“Don’t alter who you are…”

Here’s my story about returning to music:

The Civil Wars songs had very minimal arrangements and instrumentation. Most were just guitar with 2 vocals — simple songs that are melancholy but, isn’t that what makes them so gorgeous?

Here are a few more of my favorites from the Civil Wars. Just listen to those amazing harmonies! I get chills from them.

The Civil Wars. The One That Got Away (Studio recording)
The Civil Wars. Billy Jean (Michael Jackson Cover)
The Civil Wars . Falling

I was so disappointed that the Civil Wars split up a few years ago. (Yep. Divorced.) I always feel damn sad when I realize we’ll never hear these harmonies again but I’m grateful for access to music online and thankful for the internet! Even with all the negative energy online we can still find beauty too.

We can find almost any song ever recorded and performed and — voila there it is! That makes me thankful today.

The Civil Wars Poison & Wine. Official Video

Thanks for reading and listening.

This is DAY 2 of my commitment to my Extreme Radical Gratitude Diet for the month of November. Join me if you’d like!

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