Meaningless Life

Aaska Aejaz
Jan 29 · 2 min read

Keep Beating my heart,
I don’t know where to go?
Where are the routes and flows?
At the end of my last breath
These myths, I will disclose
Keep beating my heart,
A little longer.

All the flowers of my life are faded
Those rainbow colors are lost the shade
I’m still standing here and waiting for my chance
with alot threats
After being hit so badly
I’m afraid again of being betrayed
So, don’t stop
Because I don’t know, how to restart
Please keep beating my heart!

Sometimes, I find my life so meaningless
Nor time change, neither bad memories,
Which I have countless,
I don’t have a headache, but a migraine
Because my eyes are empty and sleepless
I’m thinking straight,
How long I’ve to wait?
My health has frail
My face has become red at this pace
I’m pushing myself so hard
So, please keep beating my heart!

The time will come soon
The triumph will be a tune
My beats, my sounds will reach
to the sky
Before dying, At once,
As a falcon, I must fly
So, Don’t lose and don’t retard
Keep beating my heart!

© 2020 All rights reserved!

My motto of life is to serve humanity, to make peace & to share Love!

Inspired by:

Sting- A thousand years

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Music Voices

Music Haven — Music counts, speaks and matters — Curving…

Aaska Aejaz

Written by

I write from my heart because I believe heart contacts directly from the hearts! I contribute my part in spreading humanity, love, and Peace!

Music Voices

Music Haven — Music counts, speaks and matters — Curving your soul’s arch

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