Press Play & Strut — 2020

Music Voices: Music Haven — Music counts, speaks and matters — Curving your soul’s arch

Francine Fallara
Dec 31, 2019 · 2 min read

Since my separation, I have a blockage for long term projects. I am completely blank and cannot seem to be able to visualize long term plans. I have been living by day to day terms.

Living through my emotional inertia, I naturally, without any outside guidance, took extra good care of my physical health for the past three years.

In 2019, I have walked roughly a little over 1700 km (my goal was 1500 km) the equivalent of approximately 2.4 million steps!

Damn, my walking spree à la ‘Forrest Gump’ helped me melt over 40 pounds of pure toxicity holding me down. I am healthier and stronger than ever and I am pretty proud of myself.

From now on, walking will always be absolutely necessary in my life. In 2020, these walks will be interlaced with dancing sessions. Yeah, beat and rhythm will gradually be re-introduces back in my life.

Ending 2019, I felt I needed an extra help to push me forward and escape out of my three-year emotional stagnation state.

I am now ready to work on my mind and my happiness; i.e. rebuild my emotional health, find my true smile, my love life, my social life, and find new spiritual purpose in life.

So I signed in Rob Dial’s 2020 Iron Mind 60-day challenge.

This will push me to take time to redefine purpose in my life. I need to express my emotions freely with no judgments.

Today, I offered myself the luxury to take the time to define my 2020 Iron Mind 60-day challenge music playlist to accompany me through January and February.

In 2020, I need to regain my sparkles and sparkling eyes.

I guess I needed an extra year to regain my life’s modus vivendi

Press Play & Strut — 2020

I am offering you today my own personal very eclectic Deezer playlist, that I will keep alive by adding new tracks, 8 hours 30 minutes that will rock me out of my emotional hiatus.


Francine Fallara, 2019

Music Voices

Music Haven — Music counts, speaks and matters — Curving your soul’s arch

Francine Fallara

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Passionate, genuine and creative simple girl striving daily to keep my inner rebel warrior alive. Music lover. Exploration Geologist Consultant @ FF Explore 3D

Music Voices

Music Haven — Music counts, speaks and matters — Curving your soul’s arch

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