On This Rhythmic Road

Oct 27 · 1 min read
Photo by LB

October 27, 2019

Today beckons me into the shadows of my past
On a narrow road that I choose to tread alone
Looking to find harmonies for the empty notes
That I left in my father’s house after my youth
A place where music played through the walls
Filling my room with calm and tender melody

The scent of an elixir that filled a family stone
Ours for a time but then lost as we grew older
When the core of it became convoluted in war
Distracting us from the happiness we’d known
Separating our lives until our music faded out
Elongated through years of silent intermission

And so I walk… away from my inner trappings
To reclaim the melody that reverberates inside
From the songs that gave us such togetherness
Long before we disconnected from their notes
Kept intact like still life awaiting timely motion
Seeking the internal rhythm on a road to truth

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