Day 01: Air Supply, Lost in Love

When I was about seven years old my mom had this really awesome record player in our family room. It had a built-in 8-track deck. I remember on house-cleaning days, she’d put on music nice and loud. Usually, she’d start cleaning on the opposite end of the house and work her way toward the music. When she was done she would sit down and enjoy a can of Pepsi. She would always pour it into a glass, over ice. Never drinking directly from the can. I can still see her face when she’d take her first sip, squinting slightly at the crazy, exploding little carbonation bubbles that are only present for that first initial sip.

My sister, four years younger than me, was often assigned to help me with dusting and general “put your things in your room” duties. What I remember most, though is being sidetracked by the music. While mom was busy cleaning the entire house, we’d go all-out in our best-unskilled ballet. For entire albums.

My mom had a lot of records and 8-track tapes. Music is something that was very common in our house. Lost in Love by Air Supply stands out, maybe it was the first song on the album. I can’t fully recall. Every song on that album was danceable and we quickly learned all the words to all the songs. We did thread-in some dusting with our super moves. Dance-dusting, maybe.

I can still smell the lemon-scented Pledge and feel the texture of the dusting rag on my fingertips. I loved how the little foam pellets of Pledge would fall onto the maple-wooden coffee table, and how one sweeping ballet-esque arm motion would drag the dust rag across the foam pellets and reveal a super sheen over the wood.

Hear the song:Air Supply, Lost in Love (Typo in the YouTube title but it was the only non-live version I could find where audio and lips were in sync. ;)

Maybe even buy the album!

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