Day 02: Juice Newton, Queen of Hearts

Exactly as I remember my mom’s car looking. Except she had dk blue interior and different rims.

There is a handful of songs that take me back to age six. One song, in particular, has me sitting in the back seat of my mom’s Ford Thunderbird. It would have been a 1976 or 77 model. I recall how my knees didn’t quite reach the edge of the back seat yet, so my legs stuck out toward the front seat more than they bent down toward the floor. I remember the shiny little ashtray that was built into the back of the front-passenger seat. Sometimes I’d open-and-shut it repeatedly until I’d get a frustrated command to stop from the front seat. The fabric of the seats was soft, in my six-year-old mind, it was luxurious velvet. My little sister was in her car seat in the space next to me, and it’s her I remember more than anything.

Kimberlee would’ve been around two-years-old. The song, “Queen of Hearts” by Juice Newton would come on the radio and my little sister would absolutely light up. It wasn’t just once, either. This would be every time the song came on, specifically when the song would hit the chorus.

Kimberlee’s baby-head would start bopping up and down, her eyes would get wide and she’d flap her little baby arms the same way we might flap our arms to imitate a chicken — only she was in perfect time with the beat of the song. And she’s sing, “Daa-daa-daa-daa”.

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