Day 06: Depeche Mode, Enjoy the Silence

Cedar Breaks. image credit: http://www.utah.com/nationalsites/cedar_breaks.htm

I remember being about 16-years-old with my 1-yr-older-than-me cousin, Marie. We’d just left a family reunion on top of Cedar Mountain, and we got to drive our Grandma’s car back home while she rode back with one of our parents. We lived in Panaca, NV at the time.

Driving down the Mountain is what I remember most. While the whole drive down the mountain has these spectacular views, it was summer time so all the trees were dense with bright green foliage in contrast with the red and white rocks. We were on the part of the road where there are these sweeping switchbacks. Marie drove and for that stretch we were mostly quiet. There was just us, the amazing views as we descended Cedar Breaks and the sound of Depeche Mode’s Enjoy the Silence. I think about this moment a lot anytime that song comes on. I think about how big the world felt and being excited that we were a couple of kids on the loose, experiencing freedom.

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