Day 07: The Muppet Show Theme Song

I’m pretty sure this is exactly what our television looked like. Only we kept ours indoors. Image credit: http://www.curtis-mathes.com/curtismathescolortvs.htm

Did you ever watch The Muppet Show? I loved this show as a kid. I love it now, but it was such a huge part of my childhood. I remember hurrying through my bath so that I could get my pajamas on and go watch The Muppet Show. My little sister liked to sit inside my dad’s guitar case, my brother and I would sit on the awesome plush brown carpeting in our living room. I remember my damp hair and soft pajamas, anticipation building in front of our giant 1980’s Curtis Mathes TV for that moment when Kermit opens the little “O” door and announces the guest — and the song begins!

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