Day 13: New Edition, Cool it Now

Yep. Image credit: http://assets.agentformula.com/photos/clark-county-bus.jpg

Riding the bus to school in the morning as a kid, didn’t leave a lot of fantastic memories. We were all piled in there, grades Kindergarten through Fifth. But I do remember some of the older kids occasionally convincing the bus driver to play their cassette tapes.

I was always too shy to sing in front of people, but I loved it when others did. That made the rides feel a lot shorter. I remember a chorus of happy kids singing along to “Cool it Now” by New Edition, when it first came out.

I remember the too-crowded feeling and the smell of too many kids in an enclosed space. I remember the way my legs would stick to the Naugahyde seats if I sat in one place too long, and that strange sticky sound it makes when you stand up. I also remember how much fun it was when a whole bunch of kids would sing the songs they knew. Those were pretty great bus rides.

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