Day 15: Pulp, The Fear

image credit: http://cdn.alllaketahoe.com/images/content/12800_12053_Lake_Tahoe_Scenic_Road_md.jpg

There are about 10,000 songs on my old iMac. Sometimes I’ll turn it on and let the songs shuffle while I’m cleaning up the house. This morning Pulp’s The Fear came on and my mind replayed memories of driving the winding roads near Lake Tahoe one summer weekend. It was just an adventurous road trip with no purpose other than to explore. I lived in San Francisco at the time and I was obsessed with Pulp’s This is Hardcore album.
Driving long, lonely NV roads in a little black VW Jetta, following the scenic byways, taking in the beauty of the moment. Singing every lyric to every song.

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