Day 16: Erasure, Dreamlike State

A snap from my journal entry on Feb 17, 1992

I’ve kept quite a few journals over the years. I always made a point of writing down what song was in my head or one that meant something to me at the time.

While President’s Day doesn’t necessarily hold a particularly precious memory for me, it is interesting to go back to a specific date and see what was going on. Bike riding with my cousin Marie and no school, certainly sounds like a really awesome time. Apparently we also went to Caliente to visit friends who ended not being home, so we left “Happy President’s Day” notes for them, made from restroom paper towels we got at the gas station.

On February 17, 1992, this was my favorite song:

(Note: If there’s an official video I couldn’t find it. This is someone’s personal montage set to the song.)
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