Day 17: Iron Maiden, The Trooper

My own attempt to re-create the memory of my brother’s awesome book covers. ;)

As I’ve worked through the days and memories for this #wormholes project, I’m astounded at how many memories are of/with/about my big brother. Music was the soul of our relationship. My brother is the #1 reason I have, and will always have, a soft spot for metal music. And well… metal music is just awesome.

One of my favorite things, when I was young, was watching my brother make covers for his school textbooks out of brown paper bags. Iron Maiden’s The Trooper drops me right back in his room. I’d watch him…peering over his shoulder as he sketched and erased and worked and reworked, under direct task lighting. He was 12-years old and a few sizes too large for his child-sized desk, but that never phased him. This was his workspace.

These covers always featured band names & logos painstakingly executed over hours of illustration work, fueled by music from the bands he was illustrating. And Dr. Pepper.

I learned so much from him about care and detail and self-expression.
My brother was rad.

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