Day 26: Morrissey, Tomorrow

Similar to Lora’s family’s car, “The Silver Bullet” photo credit: http://www.speednik.com/files/2012/03/Sleeper-Wagon-640x425.jpg

I’m headed out to pick up my dear friend, Lora, from the airport today. Lora and I had a lot of adventures and every adventure had a soundtrack.

I remember once, driving on the long stretch of road between Las Vegas and our little hometown, Panaca. I was with my family heading North, just returning from a Disneyland trip. Lora was with her brother heading South, as we passed, we recognized each other right in front of a roadside rest, so both of us pulled off the road. They were driving their family’s silver station wagon, the one Lora and I lovingly named, “The Silver Bullet.” I ended up getting in their car with them and heading back to Las Vegas.

Morrissey’s Your Arsenal album had just come out and I hadn’t heard it all yet. They had it playing. Every time I hear, “Tomorrow” I think about that adventure.

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