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Some of the highlights of this year’s activities. Left to right: a VR workshop, meeting the founders of, first pressing of business card.

7 findings from my first year freelancing

People will hire you for your most visible skill

I’m not a writer. I write a lot, but I wouldn’t consider it as a full-time profession. Yet it’s one of the things I get approached for most often.

Giving a guest lecture at Berklee Valencia.

Find a base sustainable income early

Writing has been an easy skill to market: every month, thousands of people come across my articles through recommendations, my newsletter, the Synchtank blog, as well as Hypebot, which occasionally syndicates my writing.

Find synergy, because you’re selling your time

Some of the things I do now:

  • Helping a music tech startup with content strategy
  • Helping a music tech startup with business model development and licensing strategy
  • Helping 2 artists with management & marketing
  • Helping a conference curate their music track
  • Paid writing about trends & innovation in music
  • Occasionally lecturing about these topics
Moderating a panel about interactive music experiences at Border Sessions.

Leads can take a looooong time to convert

I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me to figure out potential collaborations. Most of those went nowhere, yet.

Always save some time to walk around and enjoy the moment.

Make sure you have work during the summer

If I could go back in time…

Your clients are your best source of future work

It’s obvious, but I feel it bears mentioning, because of what it implies.

There is real risk in selling your time

It doesn’t scale. You can only spend your time once. You can only work with so many people at a time. And if you get sick, there goes your income.

Left to right: Music Tech Fest’s amazing 2016 venue (Funkhaus Berlin), one of my favourite meeting spots in Amsterdam (Quartier Putain), panel discussion at Sørveiv Conference in Kristiansand.

So that says something about MUSIC x TECH x FUTURE’s direction

But don’t worry: I won’t suddenly throw up paywalls. This strategy is working well for me, so whatever is free now, will stay free. As a matter of fact, due to my focus on synergy, I aim to deliver you more value over time.

Year one’s a wrap! 🍾

It’s been great meeting so many awesome people this year, from Amsterdam to Groningen, London, Berlin, The Hague, Ghent, Kristiansand, and Valencia. Thank you for the follows, the shares, the correspondence, the collaborations, the advice, and the amazing conversations.



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Bas Grasmayer

Bas Grasmayer


Write about trends and innovation in tech and how they may impact the music business. Previously: Product Director, IDAGIO.