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KUAISHOU short-video: Take a Peek into the Lives of China

Kuaishou is China’s second biggest short-video app after TikTok. Kuaishou, founded in 2011 was originally created to make GIF pictures and quickly transformed into a short video community. Reporting over 200 million daily users in 2019 now boast 700 million users. Quickly growing attention outside of China it is also known as Kwai or SnackVideo in India.

Although criticized as rip off of TikTok it has attracted a different audience finding its attraction in smaller cities and rural parts of China. It has been dubbed as the video app that is turning Chinese country folk in to Hollywood directors.

Upon opening the app it seems a lot like Douyin (aka. TikTok) but one obvious difference, the majority of the content is from Chinese users in China. And it not just the typical, “look what I can do,” feel that Tiktok displays but depicts short clips of how people do things in China inside the city and out on the countryside.

You might see Grandma cooking a fish stew in a transparent plastic bag over an open fire in HD, actually quite beautiful and amazing. Or you might see feats of strength, skill or creativity amongst the pretty over edited “look at me,” selfies.

Not yet monetizing its massive user base it makes most of its money through advertising.

The best thing is you can sign up for free and start posting videos yourself. You may not get very many followers until you start making content that your audience wants to make a point of watching. But on Kuaishou there is an edge that will give your videos views regardless of your followers.

Unlike TikTok which also uses AI to keep users watching where flashy moves or big names can quickly collect views, Kuaishou’s algorithm redirects users away from videos once they reach a certain number of hits. This gives regular users the chance to get views and gain more visibility and ranking.

The content is quite attractive and the layout is much more simple to navigate. This give you the opportunity to peek into China’s everyday life, and also a place where you also might gain attention and followers to your own videos and music.

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