Announcing The MUSICONOMI Project

The New Global Music Economy

The potential of blockchain technology extends far beyond trustless financial transactions and cryptocurrency speculation. Blockchain technology provides a unique opportunity for humans to participate in systems and activities that have integrity and transparency, and which are able to add value to their living experience by dramatically increasing opportunities for sharing and value exchange.

As an example, the dysfunction of the conventional music industry is no secret to anyone. An industry that has its roots in the pre-internet world of many decades ago has been unable to reconfigure itself in line with massive changes in communication technologies, music production trends, and in consumption preferences of music enthusiasts.

With the advent of the Music0in Project, it was demonstrated that a blockchain-based pay-per-play platform that pays artist and rights-holders immediately and directly, using smart contract technology, is beyond simply a proof of concept. It works.

After a successful period in beta testing, it was clear to founders and members of the Musicoin dev team that it was time to move on to the next stage of development and scaling in order to create a global music economy that works for everyone.

Enter the Musiconomi Project

The Musiconomi Project offers a new platform, that builds upon the pre-existing Musicoin technology, which will enable and incentivize rapid growth in content, user-base, and value of the entire ecosystem. This will be achieved through the development of a comprehensive suite of features and tools, enabling entrepreneurial music enthusiasts as well as existing music labels to promote, distribute and share music like never before. Revenue will be generated immediately and directly each time a listener presses play.

With the launch of the new Musiconomi token (MCI), artists and their fans who hold those tokens will be empowered to add value to the platform in a tangible way. As more people engage with the sharing and distribution features, the entire ecosystem grows, as does the overall value of the platform.

Build your own playlists across genres. Share them, and generate revenue each time someone presses play. Curate your content and broadcast a streaming radio station, and generate revenue with each song played. Publish a high quality music review blog and generate revenue each time a visitor clicks ‘read’.

There are countless additional features and tools that the Musiconomi team will consider, develop and deploy over the coming months and years. But at the root of the platform lies the premise - those who provide significant value to the network will be rewarded, and artists/rights-holders will be empowered to control their own content and stipulate the terms of its distribution in ways that have never been possible until now.

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