Musiconomi 101

A distributed platform that connects you to the other 99% of music artists

No, we are not building yet another streaming platform for the 1% of the music hits. Musiconomi is going to connect you to new voices and sounds you’re going to fall in love with — and make it easy to support your favorite artists directly, without intermediaries.

The current music industry is broken. While streaming services provide easy access to today’s hits, it’s less easy to discover music from the other 99% of music artists that aren’t supported by major music labels with big marketing budgets. In this race towards the next big hit, it’s getting harder for true music fans to find artists who are passionate about creating great music and developing a more authentic relationship with their fans.

That’s Why We’re Here

Here is where Musiconomi comes in. By partnering with independent labels, passionate creators, and entrepreneurial music enthusiasts, Musiconomi provides a platform where fans can partner with artists to earn rewards by becoming supporters and helping to spread the word about their favorite artists. Reviewers, bloggers, and DJs will also be rewarded for recommending great new music and creating your favorite playlists. The potentials are limitless, and it is all made possible by using a new token — Musiconomi (MCI) — which aligns the incentives of music fans, artists, and other industry players from countless niches within an emerging music economy.

We’ve already announced our partnership with Substream, one of Sweden’s largest indie labels. Substream and other upcoming industry partners will be able to set up their own storefronts where merchandise, concert tickets, and more can be sold directly to fans, without any intermediaries, with revenue split fairly among labels and artists through the use of smart contracts.

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