Is Your Music Good Enough?

The most common first question I hear from musicians is…

“How do I know if I’m good enough?

There is only ONE appropriate answer to that question…

That’s the most important question you can ask, and you deserve an honest answer.”

As it turns out, that is one of the HARDEST questions in the world to get an honest answer for!


Your friends and family all say you are “great”. But being the most talented person in your living room doesn’t necessarily translate into commercial success.


Pretty much ANYONE in the music industry will tell you how “great” you are as long as your checks don’t bounce.

So in order to help you navigate this particular fork in the road as quickly as possible, I’ve put together this simple, 3-step, process for deciding if your music is “good enough” to continue pursuing.

Here’s how to find out.

Step 1: Decide what you’re trying to be “good enough” for.

A) International Mega Star

B) Full-Time Working Musician

C) Living Room Rock Star

Step 2: Tabulate Results. If you chose:

A) If that was going to happen it would have already happened. And you would not be reading this article. Please select options B or C.

B) Move on to Step 3.

C) YES. No matter what age you are or what level you are starting at, bringing music into your home is ALWAYS a good idea. Now quit futzing around on the internet and go bang on pots and pans with your kids!

Step 3: Get your music in front of some new people who you don’t already know, and get their feedback.

Yes it’s really THAT simple!

And thanks to the internet and social media you can do it TODAY using nothing more than what’s already in your pocket!

My FAVORITE social media fan-finding tool is Twitter.

Click here to grab a free copy of my Superfan Finding Guide for Twitter!