I am

My forms are many; always different, always powerful.

A beast of fur and fangs, predator of forests and plains, senses heightened and set on prey. A scaled creature of fire and air, ruler of land and sky, striking fear into the hearts of men. A fragile being of skin and bone, master of tools, constantly discovering and evolving.

My skills are numerous; honed in battle, perfected through experience.

Master huntsman, I read the trails of creatures and men where others see but grass and dirt. Expert combatant, I excel with every weapon known to man, and Death goes where I send it. Wisest of wizards, I wield power beyond even my own comprehension, seeking more still.

My adventures are countless; my destiny predetermined, the road toward it mine to choose.

As Amaterasu, embodied as a white wolf, I freed the land of Nippon from the evil of Orochi. I rejuvenated man and nature where I went. I gained their praise, and it became my strength.
As Kratos, I was a warrior. My power lay in my hatred, of which there was plenty. Wronged by the Gods, I conquered Mount Olympus, growing stronger when their blood spilled.
As a survivor of nuclear war, I was offered a choice: help rebuild the world or claim it and shape it to my own desires. I did both.

I am human.

I am gamer.

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