Soup for the Soul

Need an immediate refill!

I recently finished reading one of the most profound books I’ve ever come across.

It’s called Chicken Soup for the Wine Lover’s Soul.

I didn’t finish the book in an hour or two — though it would’ve been easy to do so. I took my time with it; I read a few pages each day, savouring the lingering taste of words.

Like every Chicken Soup book, this one is also of letters, but written by wine lovers. Stories of wine and wine drinking, of drunken mistakes and often success stories. Stories of love and relationships; of how wine brought families together and how wine tasting experiences taught new couples more about themselves. There were stories of people who tried uncorking a wine bottle for the first time, of cooking with vintage wine, of losing a cork, of spilling wine and of splurging in grape-scented vineyards.

The book gave me such valuable insights into wine. In a society where any form of alcohol is taboo — for girls in particular, because, well, boys don’t listen — this book and the stories within helped me appreciate the wine as more than alcohol. There’s history in wine, there’s class, there’s flavour, there’s maturity, and there certainly is a wide range of vocabulary!

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